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Chiswick Park Case Study


Jones Facilities Management team identified an Energy and Carbon Footprint Reduction opportunity that could be implemented on the enjoy-work Chiswick Park Estate. Making the changes would achieve both, substantial financial benefits as well as aid Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work in aligning themselves with the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) and ISO50001 requirements.

Jones Facilities Management conducted an audit on the current lighting system of the Estate producing a Timeline to deliver not only the targeted Energy and CO2 reduction targets but, significant financial saving also.


Issues to be resolved

Energy Consumption

The lighting audit helped us identify the potential of a LED Replacement project as most of the lights used on the Estate weren’t of a modern standard hence, used a far greater amount of energy than the identified LED Replacements.

Carbon Reduction

The more energy we use the more Carbon Emissions we produce. The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme and ISO50001 is being implemented by the government thus, it’s even more important to reduce our carbon footprint not only for compliance but also to do our part in looking after the planet.

Financial Savings

With all such projects an initial investment is required thus, Jones Facilities Management are well aware of the need to provide very reliable, deliverable figures that clearly demonstrate the initial outlay, that will be met with no surprises, and the return on investment achievable across the short, medium and longer term.

Actions Taken with Results

Energy Consumption and Carbon Reduction

Jones FM in partnership with Enjoy-Work has an energy savings target of 1 Million Kilowatt for 2015. We are still only in quarter one of 2015 and we’re well ahead of schedule at 425080 KwH and 223 Tonnes of CO2 emissions, saving with phase one of the LED replacement project.

Giving initial Energy Reduction results in annual cost savings of over £38 000 which results in a Return of investment in less than 18 months.

The Future Burns Bright

Clearly the customer, enjoy-work Chiswick Park, is delighted by the creativity and initiative demonstrated by the Jones Facilities Management team one of the reasons why Jones Facilities Management is the first organisation to be awarded a 3.5 year contract by enjoy-work Chiswick Park.

However, the Jones Facilities Management team are known not to rest on their laurels. Having implemented phase one of the LED replacement project across the Estate we are looking forward to implementing the next phase in Quarter 2 as well as identifying new ways to deliver greater benefits to our clients.

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