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Employees health and well-being are at the top of the agenda for Jones FM. So, as of last month, we began offering Health Assessments to our employees at our St Katharine Docks site. The St Katharine Docks team members were given the opportunity to attend a free health assessment which took place in our office in Commodity Quay. We also offered assessments to our client’s management team. The reason we thought that organising health assessments would be beneficial is twofold. Firstly, the tests each team member received was more extensive than you would normally get from the GP. Secondly, we understand that doctor check-ups are hard to schedule in due to the fast-paced nature of modern life. By allowing team members to receive a check-up in their work day we are able to ensure they are able to make time for it. 

To Health provided the health assessments on site, this included: 

•    HbA1c (Diabetes Risk)

•    CVD Risk (Cardiovascular Disease)

•    BMI (Body Mass Index)

•    Weight & Height

•    Blood Pressure

•    Body Fat %

•    Waist to Hip Ratio

•    12 Months GP ASK service

•    1 Month Unlimited Online GP Access

•    Lifestyle Advice

•    Action Plan

As a follow-up, each employee who received the test will have access to an app where they have unlimited access to an online GP service for a month and 12-month access to the GP ask service where they can receive a diagnosis from a medical professional. 

The health and well-being of your team should always be a top priority for any company. By implementing initiatives such as this, we hope to show the Jones FM team that their health is important to us.