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We are delighted to announce that Jones FM will be attending the 2018 Sustainability Leaders Congress in Berlin this year. This is the first time that Jones FM have ever attended an event like this. We are delighted to have been invited and to be included in such an eclectic and exciting list of companies such as Amazon, TNT, Bosch, Ford and many more. To see the full list of attendees please follow this link: http://sustainabilityleaderz.com/

Not only are there many amazing companies attending, but there are also over 20 participating countries. The purpose of the Congress is to gather decision makers in the Sustainability and CSR field from leading companies across the globe. We will then be able to discuss sustainable and socially responsible business ideas at the Congress through panels, forward-thinking talks and networking events in order implement new and innovative strategies to each of the businesses attending. Examples of the topics which will be discussed at the Congress are Environmental Footprint Management, Putting a value on Sustainability Data and Renewable Energy. Real-life case studies from businesses across Europe will be used and will show advanced sustainability and CSR practices which can be applied to our own workplaces. This congress offers each of the businesses attending the opportunity to learn and develop with one and other.

Jones FM are hoping that through attending this Congress, we can maintain our world-class service by remaining ahead of the curve and future-focused. Creating a business which is not only successful but sustainable should be top of the agenda for any business in this current climate. Being sustainable is not only our moral obligation but also ensures we are cost-effective and an effectively run business. We hope that we can not only streamline our own practices but pass on to the companies we carry out the M&E contracts for our newly accumulated knowledge on modern and innovative sustainable business strategies.