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We have recently been awarded the Gold Environmental Best practice by the Green Apple Awards. This is no small feat, as we were competing against 800 other nominations. We were presented with this award at the Houses of Parliament and we were able to not only celebrate our own win but network with fellow like-minded companies. Those being, corporations who put sustainability and environmental best practice at the forefront of what they do.

The judges stated the following about our partnership with Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work and the amazing energy saving we have had across the park, ‘In their partnership with Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work, the team set and exceeded challenging sustainability targets.’

It is here that I want to go into a bit of detail as to how these types of savings were achieved across Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work and how our partnership made that happen.

One of the biggest projects that we have been working on over the past few years is assisting with the transitioning of all the lights throughout the 9 buildings that we have the M&E contract for at Chiswick to LEDs. This is a huge project which began in 2015 and has taken many hours of hard work, planning and implementation. This has been mapped out to be completed over a 4-year period and will be completed by the end of 2018. LED lights are 80% more efficient than traditional lamps, as 80% of the energy they use is converted to light while only 20% of the energy is wasted. This project has greatly reduced the parks energy usage and has helped Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work ultimately become a more sustainable site. This project was epic in its size and impact. Its successful completion is a testimony to the partnership between Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work and Jones FM.

A new and state-of-the-art scheme we have rolled out across the park is ‘Active Energy’. This is a web-based programme which has meters which monitor energy usage. The data that can be derived from this is how much and where energy is being used. This allows for a closer analysis of energy usage and for us to compare and contrast buildings energy usage to see what does and does not work in terms of energy reduction. What this shows is that Jones FM and Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work are trialling pioneering energy evaluating and reducing technologies. We endeavour to continue this into 2019.

We have also changed the burners we now use in buildings b1, 3, 10 and 11. We switched to ones which are 5% more energy efficient. This switch out was researched, planned and then implemented at our request due to an initial report we had completed on the site. We have also set all of the burners so that the BMS is running the minimum amount of time. This makes not only the machines themselves but the running of them, as energy efficient as possible. Any job we do, we want it to be done to the highest of standards and for it to make the running of our customer’s buildings cost-efficient and sustainable.

Finally, Jones FM don’t only deal with the M&E contract, but also get involved with Chiswick’s Future Focus events. Most recently, we got involved with their ‘Enjoy-Tomorrow’ event. For this, we held a stand called ‘Pedal or Watt?’ where we challenged tenants to race each other on bikes. They each raced to see who could raise enough kinetic energy to make a cup of tea. This challenge contextualised just how much energy is needed for even a task as small as making a cup of tea. We partnered this with information about how much energy we had saved across the park and found that is 2017 we had saved enough energy to make 920,245,399 cups of tea. This was important to us as we understand that one of the greatest struggles with making an office, building or residence more energy efficient and sustainable is behaviour change. Therefore, communication becomes an integral part of lowering energy consumption as we rely on tenants to be responsible with heating, turning off appliances and to recycle effectively. We are committed to supporting the sites we have M&E contracts for in any way we can, and this shows that Jones FM will always go above and beyond in their level of service.

These a just a few of the highlights of how Jones FM are putting sustainability at the top of the agenda. This shows just how successful the partnership between us and Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work is and the difference that can be made through like-minded businesses joining together and doing what they can to make sure they are being socially responsible in their business practice.