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For World Earth Day 2019 Jones FM has decided to return to the #OneLess scheme with the London Zoo. This scheme is run by the Conservation Programme and they ask for a commitment to be made by businesses and individuals to stop using single-use plastic bottles due to how many are polluting the ocean and how bad they are for the environment. Since making the pledge to eradicate single-use plastic bottles from the Jones FM office’s we have continued to attend the #OneLess Pioneering Network. We want to continue to put sustainability at the top of the agenda. We have gained a lot from attending these events, and it has been great to spend time networking with other businesses who are future focused and looking to make a change in how businesses are run.

Due to how informative and great this scheme has been for us, we wanted to help in any way we could to get other businesses involved. This World Earth Day we have sponsored our clients Twenty Old Bailey to go #OneLess by supplying them with aluminium water bottles for the site team members. Twenty as part of this has committed to supplying fresh drinking water to allow staff to fill up and replenish the aluminium bottles. This will deter staff from purchasing single-use plastic bottles of water. Finally, they have also committed to join the #OneLess community and make the pledge to eradicate single-use plastic bottles from their workspace.

This World Earth day the theme is ‘Protect our Species’, so I think it is important to highlight the impact that single-use plastic has on the wildlife of the Thames. Firstly, of all of the UK, the Thames has the highest levels of microplastics. As they are an emerging contaminant, we do not know the full impact they will have on our ecosystems and wildlife. However, the effect this will have is predicted by Dr Dave Morritt, senior lecturer in marine biology at Royal Holloway, the University of London to be detrimental, ‘The potential impacts this could have for wildlife are far-reaching: not only are the species that live in and around rivers affected, but also those in seas that rivers feed into’.

Therefore, eradicating items such as single-use plastic bottles is an important and worthwhile cause. As a business, we must aim to lead the way with these types on initiatives due to the large impact we can have. Remaining future focused is always on the top of the agenda for Jones FM.

For more information and to make the #OneLess pledge follow this link: