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Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work as a site always endeavours to ensure it is doing everything it can to be as sustainable as possible and to communicate the message of sustainability. This world earth day was no exception. Chiswick held an event called ‘Enjoy-Tomorrow’ on Friday just gone where companies such as The Vegan Society, Nurture Landscapes, JPC cleaning, Discovery, NO2H20 and Jones FM were able to hold a stand and show how they support Enjoy-Work in matters of sustainability.

We wanted to show just how much energy savings had been made across the park throughout 2017 and 2018. We paired with the amazing Electric Pedals in order to contextualise just how much energy we had saved on site. They brought two bikes and clients completed the ‘tea challenge’ where they had to cycle to create enough energy to make one cup of tea. And let me tell you, this was deceivingly hard and showed just how much energy is needed for something as small as making a cup of tea.

The park last year doubled its energy saving target and managed to save 3 million kWh of energy across the park. We, therefore, worked out that in 2017 we saved the park enough energy to make 920,245,399 cups of tea. Put into context for other household items this is the equivalent of 335 homes electricity usage over a year and to hoover for 342.5 years.

So far in 2018, we have already saved 573,806 kWh of energy, which is the equivalent to ironing for 65.5 years or using a toaster for 43.7 years. This all just shows how much of an impact the various schemes we are rolling out across the park is having on energy usage and shows both the Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work and Jones FM commitment to a greener business ethos.

I can also now announce who got the fastest times at our Pedal or Watt stand and who has won our amazing sustainable prizes. Firstly, we had David from Virgin Active who stole the first place and has won themselves a Nest system, then Sean from Enjoy-Work who has won the Wemo plug and finally Sam from The Sofa and Chair who got third place and bagged themselves a solar charger.

All in all, we had a fantastic turnout, not only from people from the park but also with the weather. Britain seems to have finally got on board with this whole thing called ‘spring’ as it hit 26 degrees, making it a beautiful day for the Enjoy-Tomorrow event. I would like to take this time to thank Chiswick Park Enjoy-Work for hosting us on the Enjoy-Tomorrow Event, Iain from Bucks Creative for the banners we had displayed and Electric Pedals for the bikes and incredible support throughout the day.