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Jones FM are looking at the importance of employee Well-Being in 2018.

Throughout this year Jones FM has already won two awards and we also have some new and exciting contracts we are looking forward to telling you about. However, we also want this year to not only be defined by the expansion of Jones FM but also the development of our team. We are therefore devoting time and resources to ensuring Well-Being is high on the agenda.

Currently, we have an Employee of the Month scheme that allows Jones FM to celebrate and acknowledge staff members who are going above and beyond in their job role. We are also now looking to implement a birthday initiative, details are to follow later this month surrounding this. As well as all of the above we have now nominated a well-being champion, showing our commitment to this issue. Our first port of call is to gather data surrounding sickness and employee satisfaction to ensure we are listening and reactive to the needs of the Jones FM team. After this has been attained we are going to organise health checks for all of our staff, as we know that in modern day life getting around to these kinds of tasks can be tricky. We want the team to know we prioritise their health, and that they should too.

This is important in the engineering industry as we are currently at a deficit for the number of people entering the industry. As reported by the Guardian this month, ‘The UK needs 37,000 to 59,000 extra engineering graduates and technicians annually, to meet current employer demand, according to the 2018 Engineering UK report’. We are therefore doing our bit to ensure that the industry is one which is enticing to both young people and those looking to re-qualify.

This issue is not only important for the industry but also for us as a business. A survey by Mercer in 2016 found that due to high stress and lack of physical activity employers lose 27 days of productivity per employee each year. We are therefore vowing to look to the future and to do what we can to ensure that the Jones FM team don’t fall victim to this statistic and that we ensure we are a company that prioritises the well-being of our employees.