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Happy World Facilities Management Day everyone!

I wasn’t aware that a day like this existed until very recently. But after a bit of research, I found out that the reason there is a day to commemorate facilities management is to acknowledge the importance of the industry. I can see the need of this as ultimately it is an underrepresented and underappreciated industry, due to the not so glamorous nature of it. However, facilities management is the backbone of many businesses. We are the mechanics behind the running of businesses, schools, hospitals and services as we are the ones ensuring that the buildings the workforce and the community are using are operational and functioning.

This year the theme for World FM Day is, ‘Enabling Positive Experiences’. For Jones, this theme, which is concentrating on the customer service and experience, seems apt as this is something which has always been at the heart of what they do. Within a company such as Jones FM, the running of buildings mechanical and engineering and the speed, delivery and cost effectiveness of this service is something that is taken very seriously. They pride themselves on their attitude and the importance they place on customer satisfaction and reaction time to any issues that occur within the buildings they manage. Jones FM is named after the managing directors Chris and Brad Jones, and they have used their family name as they are so proud of what they do.

For the industry, there is a further rationale as to why it is important for it to receive press. This is due to the lack of attention to the industry which means that innovation, people power and funding tends to not be directed towards it. As George Clarke said in a recent interview about the new scheme he has set up called the Ministry of Building Innovation, ‘There is a need for exciting innovation, opportunities to push the boundaries of what we build and how we build that will attract bright new minds into the industry.’ This can only happen if we openly celebrate Facilities Management, and the construction industry to give it the publicity it deserves which will drive both people and technology towards it.